Penguin Twins

Looking back over the past ten years, we have made some wonderful memories (cutting through 8 inches of ice to plunge) and met incredible people: our penguin children, our penguin plungers and their supporters and crowds, volunteers, sponsors, and talented performers. One, or more accurately, two of the people that have inspired us are twins: Jacqueline and Mackenzie Shanley who have been plunging with us since our third year, when we were plunging for Mickey Reeves and Sean DePatto. They were only in third grade, but these little girls were determined to support their friend Mickey. They prepared for their first plunge by making snow angels in their bathing suits and taking ice cold showers. It sounds crazy but according to research, it is helpful (and saved their parents money on water heater bills!) The girls were diligent and creative in their fundraising and have raised in excess of $10,000 over the years. They have never missed a year despite a very hectic scholastic, club and sports schedule. These intrepid third graders are now seniors at Tappan Zee High School ready to take the world by storm in college. We know that whichever lucky university gets Mackenzie and Jackie as students, we hope that they will come back to continue their plunging. Twins in the penguin world are rare, and dedication by our "penguin" twins is also uncommon. Thank you, Jackie and Mackenzie! You have embraced the Penguin Plunge and we are grateful.

For those of you who are interested in penguin (bird twins) here is an amazing video of Chinese penguin twins born last year!