Help a local family.
Plunge on March 3rd!

Help a local family.
Come plunge with us.

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Take the Plunge!

Plunging March 1, 2020!

12-2pm at Nyack Memorial Park • Nyack, New York

What To Wear:
• Bathing suit (or any plunging clothes you prefer!)
• Water shoes/something that fits snug around your feet. Flip-flops NOT recommended.

What To Bring:
• A Towel
• Change of Clothes
• Change of Shoes
• A Terrycloth Robe (optional)

Men and womens' warming tents on site for clothing change after plunge

What do we do?

Penguin Plunge, Inc. is a not-for-profit registered 501(c)(3) that helps the families of serious ill children in meeting their medical and support costs as they focus on their children's health. The Penguin Plunge gives people the opportunity to take a memorable dip into the icy waters of the Hudson River while raising money for a good cause. Since 2007 we have raised over $850,000 for some incredible young people. Meet them here.
This year, we are celebrating our 17th Annual Plunge and braving the cold for some more local families whose children are struggling with serious medical conditions.

Meet this year’s kids!

What is the Penguin Plunge?

It's cold and snowy and no two ways about it!  If you can't beat it, you might as well embrace the winter in the best way possible! Take a plunge into the frosty waters of the historic Hudson not only for yourself, but for these great kids who have serious illnesses!

Nyack Memorial Park
Nyack, New York
Sunday, March 5, 2017

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Who have we helped?

Over the past 17 years the Penguin Plunge has raised over $850,000 to help over a dozen families offset the astronomical medical expenses associated with caring for their children with serious illnesses. These are your neighbors... your friends... your community. From toddlers to teenagers, boys and girls, these brave youngsters fight a daily battle to live a normal life in spite of the conditions they each face.
The Penguin Plunge counts on members of the community like you to contribute in some way to help them in their fight.
You can make a difference in their lives.

Meet past recipients...
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Exciting events

Along the way leading up to the Plunge we host events to raise donations as well as awareness to the needs of this year's kids.

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