Plunge FAQs

Do I have to pre-register?  

No, we just try to make it easier for our Penguins and Volunteers alike.  You can come that day and decide to plunge.  We are happy to have you join our event.  When someone pre-registers, we can create a link that will allow you to ask friends and family to support your plunge if you like. Or if you are plunging with a team, people like to have that option. 

What should I wear?     

Most people wear bathing suits, some wear costumes, some even wear a wet suit.  Whatever you are comfortable in, works for us.  The one thing that you do need are beach shoes, the sturdier the better.  The Hudson River, as beautiful as it is, does not have a smooth sandy bottom. Sometimes, it can even be muddy and we find single flip flops and crocs after the event :-)   (if you are in the market for single shoes, please stay after the plunge!) So please wear something on your feet so that you don't get cut on rocks and have some warm dry socks to change into which brings the next question... 

Is there somewhere to change?  

Yes!  We have a warming tent for the Penguins to change out of their wet clothes.  Most, if not all, come prepared to plunge, keeping their plunging gear under their warm clothing until it is time to go in.  We do encourage not bringing your cell phone into the water, it definitely will get wet! 

Do we plunge right away?   

No, our event is filled with fun and we want to celebrate our families before taking the plunge.  

Where do I park?   

Always a big question, especially in Nyack where there are a lot of wonderful events that are popular and attract lots of people.  There is no parking in Memorial Park as we want to have space for our families and the Plunge itself.  There is an abundance of street parking and parking in the municipal lots.  Parking is free on Sundays.  Please follow all parking rules though- no parking in front of hydrants, no parking that blocks driveways, and no parking where it says no parking.  We don't want people to get tickets and we are excited that there are lots of people who are coming to support the Plunge.  

General FAQs:

What Should I Wear?

Break out your bathing suits, but really, whatever you like.  Obviously a wet suit would defeat the purpose, but whatever makes you feel comfortable is fine with us.  One thing we would like everyone to have is beach shoes or sandals as the ground can be rocky and muddy. 

How Cold Is The Water?

At this point in time, we are estimating the water temperature at about 40 degrees. 

Do I Have To Jump In?

No, all you have to do is enter the water from the beach.  You only go in as far as you would like, it is your own challenge! 

Do I have To Go Under The Water?

No, it is totally up to you!  Some people like to dunk themselves, but the water most likely would not be over your head.  It is a shallow area. 

How Long Do I Have To Stay In?

As long as you like, though most people will be in much less than 5 minutes.  Obviously, we will not let people endanger themselves and there will be firefighters assisting at the event to ensure everyone's safety. 

Do I Need To Pay To Go In?

No, but we would like to support the families as much as we can.  If you donate $20 or more, you will get a wonderful t shirt.  There will be opportunities to purchase food and we plan a 50/50 raffle. 

What Time Do I Need To Get There?

We are starting the program at 12:00 (snow or shine) and plan on making the plunge at 1:30.  We will have entertainment and introduce our families to the penguins before the plunge. 

What If I Have Other Questions?

Call or email us: (917) 846-6763 or