Meet Our 2021 Penguins!

With the plunge just under month away, we are excited to introduce our 2021 Penguin Children: Louis Caputo Jr. and Elijah Torres!

Our first penguin, twelve year old Louis Caputo Jr. of Orangeburg, New York was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor  in April of 2020. In battling this pediatric form of kidney cancer, he has underwent surgery to remove his right kidney, and receive a port for chemotherapy. In August of 2020, Louis completed his 14 rounds of treatment and continues to have a positive outlook on everything he encounters. This year’s second penguin, is Elijah Torres from Valley Cottage, New York. Although now two years old, at just three months, he was diagnosed with Bainbridge-Ropers Syndrome, an extremely rare neurological disorder. As a result of this syndrome, Elijah battles a number of issues including GI problems, autism, hypotonia, vision problems and very slow weight gain.

As we are all in the fight together, please join us in supporting them and their families by taking part in out plunge, choosing the Penguin Plunge as your charity on AmazonSmile, or assisting in any way you can. We are so happy to be sponsoring both Louis and Elijah, and cannot wait to make this an extremely special year for them and their families!