Different Types of Penguins

The African penguin, also known as Jackass Penguin, is a small banded species with a social behavior that inhabits the warm environments of South Africa and part of the coast of Namibia.

Emperor Penguin

emperor penguin

It is the largest penguin in the world, with an incredible capability to dive deep waters. It performs one of the hardest migrations in the animal kingdom to reach its nesting grounds in Antarctica which suppose a high resistance to withstand freezing temperatures.

Gentoo Penguin

gentoo penguin

It is one of the most recognizable penguins because a white stripe around the eyes that goes through the head. There are two subspecies of this penguin which is part of the group of Brush-tailed Penguins and is the largest species of its genus.

King Penguin

king penguin

The king penguin is the second largest species and features bright and intense colors in its chest, head and beak. The king penguin has two subspecies distributed around several sub Antarctic islands, with climates ranging from temperate to cold.

Galapagos Penguin

galapagos penguin

The Galapagos Penguin inhabits the islands with the same name where the climate is mainly hot. It is the penguin that lives north most, very close to the Equator and eventually reaches waters of the northern hemisphere. They have feeding and reproductive habits different than those of their southern relatives.