5 Ways You Can Make Rockland County a More Tight-Knit Community

     In a county like Rockland, a sense of community is something many people take pride in having. Which is why it is very important to nurture and cultivate that feeling in order to provide a long-lasting influence. The world around us is constantly changing, whether it be from conflicts that arise, loved ones passing on or moving away, we do the best we can to adapt to these changes. If the adaptation for us may be hard, imagine what it’s like for families in our own community who are suffering from extreme levels of hardship. In my experience, helping others in their time of need makes for a more fulfilling life, and puts into perspective just how fortunate most of us are for simply living in good health.


  • Pay for the person behind you at the Starbucks drive through once a month

Little gestures go a LONG way. By starting someone else’s morning off with a smile and positive vibe, your day will feel a little more fulfilling and hopefully it’ll cause a chain reaction.


  • Buy a few extra cans of food at Stop &  Shop to donate to the local food pantry.


And while you’re at it, offer to unload the older couple’s groceries into their car. Sometimes we fail to take a second to realize there are others in this world, in our very own backyard, who may need a little extra help than most.


  • Don’t cut the whole Thruway off just cause you’re late to hot yoga, every Wednesday


We ALL get caught up in our busy schedules, which results in a little less time for ourselves. By slowing down the pace even when in a rush, we can help lower the risk of harming others who share the busy roadways with us. Being 10 minutes late to yoga is better than being 10 hours late because of a fender-bender or heated road rage brawl.


  • Help your neighbor shovel their driveway.


It takes 30 extra minutes to show others around you that someone has their back. Small to you, big to them favors like this really help in bringing communities together. Whether we know it or not, our actions make impacts both big and small to those around us. We could make someone’s dark days brighter by spending some time serving others instead of just ourselves.


  • Participate in an organization like the Penguin Plunge Inc.


Rockland community has the opportunity to come together as one. All year round, we have the chance to make a significant difference in the lives of 3 families all year round. Whether it be taking the actual Plunge in the Hudson, attending some of the many events year round, or by encouraging the Rockland community to take any action necessary, both monetary and emotional support will overflow these families’ hearts with peace. After all, unity is what makes not only a community, but the entire world stronger.