10 Interesting True Reasons Why Penguins are the Best Animals in the World

Ever heard about the amazing non-profit organization called the Penguin Plunge? These little penguins need our help to donate money to their families to cut their medical costs. Calling this the Penguin Plunge was easy, obviously because penguins are the coolest animal in the world. If you’re not convinced, I’m sure I can convince you!

penguin no head

1.A penguin with no head?

They can do this with their heads! If that isn’t cool enough then I don’t know what is. They do this when they fall asleep standing. Another cool thing, how can one fall asleep standing? Penguins can do it all.

penguin didnt see anything

2. Their black coating camouflages them from predators!

Called “countershading”, predators swimming in the ocean above them can’t see them because their black blends in with the darkness from the bottom of the ocean. If a predator is swimming below them they can’t see them because of the white on their bellies from the reflection of the sky. How cool is that!

penguin drunk

3.They often fall as if they were drunk

Everyone loves to watch drunk people fall, so when penguins resemble that, it’s hilarious. Watch your step little penguin!

penguin prehistoric

4.Some prehistoric penguins grew nearly to be human sized

These penguins were found in New Zealand 25 million years ago. They skinnier than the average penguin and were called a Svelte penguin. Imagine a penguin the same size as you? Honestly, I would make friends with them.

penguin meme

5.Penguins are monogamous, so when they love, they love forever

The male penguins re unite with the same female penguin year after year. They also walk around a beach to find their significant other the most perfect pebble. Once this pebble is found, they lay it in front of their mate as if it were a proposal. Everyone wants someone who will love them forever, why not date a penguin? ;p

penguin happy feet

6.They are great dancers!

What’s cuter than a dancing penguin? Definitely nothing.

penguin must go

7.They may not be able to fly, but they are great swimmers!

They are super powerful swimmers and can jump up to 7 feet in the air. They can also torpedo down into the water as deep as 1,870 feet deep. Penguins would win a gold medal in the Olympics, any day.

penguin tuxedo

8.They are always dressed good

Penguins are always black tie ready. Definitely the classiest animal of all time.

penguin mean

9.Penguins can be a big jerk sometimes

They’re still cute when they act like jerks, so that’s okay!

penguin fam

10.They make good parents

Penguins raise their chicks from egg to adolescence. They stay by their side and protect them from the freezing temperatures and deadly winds. It’s truly heartwarming how much they cuddle their loved ones!