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Jhenaé Fairclough

Jhenaé Fairclough is a beautiful 2 year old girl in a very tough battle. A few days after Jhenaé’s first birthday, her parents heard the most difficult news imaginable after taking their child for a medical checkup. The doctors said, “We think your daughter has a rare form of childhood cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma,” and instantly everything went into slow motion followed by denial.
Rhabdomyosarcoma is a rare cancer in children that is a malignant tumor in the soft cells of the body and is composed of muscle cells. After getting second and third opinions from other medical institutions and conducting in-depth research on their own, Kirk and Jodi-Ann finally accepted the diagnosis and decided to take Jhenaé to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for continuous and intensive treatments, which she is still currently undergoing.
Jhenaé is Kirk and Jodi-Ann’s first child, their greatest blessing, and their found purpose in life.
Jhenaé is so resilient that as she goes through her extensive treatments of surgeries, chemotherapies, and radiation she still has a beautiful smile despite the pain and sleepless nights she faces at times. Jhenaé loves watching preschool learning videos that teach her, and cartoons with music and dances because it keeps her happy.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel and thankfully with the help of everyone praying for Jhenaé, the Faircloughs trust that God is taking good care of her and is healing her completely. Even though it’s hard at times, Kirk and Jodi-Ann remain strong and positive for Jhenaé.

Teagan Walsh

Teagan Walsh was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma in July 2018 at just two years old. This beautiful little girl initially went through six rounds of high dose chemotherapy, stem cell collection, major resection surgery, stem cell transplant, twelve rounds of radiation and then six rounds of immunotherapy when she was officially in remission. Sadly, in just six short months she had relapsed and underwent another fifteen rounds of radiation to try a clear a spot in her leg but unfortunately her disease had spread and so she endured another seven rounds of chemo and immunotherapy.
As soon as Teagan was medically clear, her loving family including her little sister Quinn, moved to Orangeburg so that she could start a vaccine trial to try help prevent further relapses. But just before starting the vaccines, Teagan relapsed again and so far has undergone another six rounds of combined chemo and immunotherapy. Teagan’s parents are still trying to find a cure for their beloved five year old who inspires all those who meet her.

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